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Medically-Supervised Skin Rejuvenation

As our skin ages, it loses the luster it once had and develops fine lines and wrinkles. More importantly, the skin shows the effects of the sun's damaging rays and may even develop pre-cancerous cells.

As a part of a medically-supervised Skin Care Rejuvenation Program, Bella Skin Institute recommends products for both daytime and night time use. These high-quality products, including medications available by prescription, help slow down the skin's aging process and prevent further sun damage.

For more information on Medicall-Supervised Skin Rejuvenation, contact Dr. Anna Guanche at Bella Skin Institute.


Skin Rejuvenation | Latisse® Calabasas CALatisse is the first and only FDA-approved treatment for hypotrichosis, or inadequate eyelash growth. Latisse is a breakthrough treatment that enhances eyelashes by increasing their length, thickness and darkness through a daily treatment applied to the base of the upper lashes. This treatment contains bimatoprost, which increases the amount of hairs and the duration of the eyelash growth process.

What are the benefits of Latisse®?

Most patients notice significant results from LATISSE after just four weeks of continuous use, with full results visible after 16 weeks. LATISSE is the only prescription treatment currently approved by the FDA to help stimulate the growth and thickness of the eyelashes without makeup.

For more information on LATISSE®, contact Dr. Anna Guanche at Bella Skin Institute.

Clarisonic® Skin Care System

Clarisonic® Skin CareThink you've removed all your makeup with your cleanser? There is probably makeup, dirt, and other impurities left behind after you cleanse that you can't even see. Clarisonic Skin Care System removes six times more makeup than cleansing alone. The system includes a Cordless Clarisonic, Charging cradle, Two brush heads (normal and sensitive), and a Trial size Gentle Hydro Cleanser (2 fl. oz.).

Skin Type

Recommended for all skin types.


Cleansing the skin of all impurities, reducing oily areas and blemishes, smoothing out dry patches, reducing the appearance of visible pores, and decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Why We Love It

It cleanses so well that treatment products absorb better.

For more information on the Clarisonic® Skin Care System, contact Dr. Anna Guanche at Bella Skin Institute.

SkinCeuticals® award winning skin care

SkinCeuticals®Bella Skin Institute is proud to provide patients with this anti-aging, moisturizing, anti-acne and sun protection products from SkinCeuticals. A.G E Interrupter, CE Ferulic, Eye AOX gel and Hydrating B5 gel are among our favorites for anti-aging. Adult Acne Kit is our most popular treatment for acne, and the physical fusion, sheer physical and sport sunscreens are great for sun protection and prevention of further photodamage. And there is more! We can tailor a regimen for appropriate for your skin type.

For more information on Skinceuticals®, contact Dr. Anna Guanche at Bella Skin Institute.

Glytone® Rosacure

Glytone® KitWonderful for Rosacea and flushing. This is a mild, soothing, fresh-scented set of products that leave the skin less angry and red. Silibarin, a naturally occurring herbal, helps to calm redness. This kit is a great value, with cleanser, toner and lotion for daily use.

Glytone® KP Kit

Hate those spiny bumps on your arms? Glytone KP kit is the most effective treatment. Contains a generous-sized cleanser, pouf, and lotion. When used consistently, it smoothes those KP bumps!

For more information on Glytone® Products, contact Dr. Anna Guanche at Bella Skin Institute.

VIVITÉ® Daily Facial Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 30

VIVITÉ® Daily Facial Moisturizer w/SPF 30Best daily sunscreen for acne! Reduces breakouts with the 12% glycolic compound while protecting the skin from UV rays (as most anti-acne meds cause increased sun sensitivity) and moisturizer all in one. It is very light and does not block the pores. From very early pre-teen acne as a monotherapy, to combination with a stronger regimen for teens to adult women's acne, this product gets an "A."

For more information on Vivité Daily Facial Moisturizer, contact Dr. Anna Guanche at Bella Skin Institute.

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