Diamond Glow® BODY Treatments

Diamond Glow® BODY Back Treatment - $125

A rejuvenating back treatment to help with unwanted acne, uneven skin tone or dry skin.

  • With extractions: $145
  • Diamond Glow® BODY Arm Treatment: $50

Refresh and exfoliate your arms. Great for uneven pigment, keratosis pilaris, eczema and dry skin.

  • Diamond Glow® BODY Décolleté Treatment: $95
  • Diamond Glow® BODY Leg Treatment (Thigh): $75
  • Diamond Glow® BODY Leg Treatment (Leg): $150
  • Head to Toe Diamond Glow®: $1000
  • Silk Glove: $65

Restores youth to your hands, leaving hands feeling supple, soft and brighter.

Bella Bea-Cail - $85

This back treatment is customized according to your specific needs and concerns from back of shoulders to right above the hips. It is intended to detoxify and smooth the back area. This treatment includes deep cleansing using steam, ultra sonic scrubbing, a mask and appropriate moisturizer. Great add on to any facial! ( 45 mins )
Add-on High Frequency $45 (10 mins)