Seven Days to Sexy Magazine

By abhisake.jain
June 18, 2020

Seven days to sexy is a guide for any woman to look her absolute best in seven days. Whether she is getting ready for a date, a high school reunion, or is the mother of the bride, this book is full of beauty advice that can unleash her most gorgeous self. Dr. Anna Guanche, AKA Dr. Beauty is a board-certified dermatologist who has been in practice for 15 years. Her clients include celebrities, supermodels, socialites, and CEOs who need to look their best at appearances. She knows, however, that these women are mere mortals as well, and do a serious bit of preparation in order to walk the red carpet or perform a television interview. In fact, many of Dr. Guanche’s patients are celebrity stylists, makeup artists and hairdressers who make the magic happen. Having been a visitor on the red carpet numerous times herself, Dr. Guanche has learned the behind-the-scenes of looking epic for an event, from procedures to outfits to makeup and hair. Why shouldn’t everyone have access to these tips and tricks so that they can look their absolute best when they want to? Dr. Guanche brings high, middle and low-cost tips to readers in her book, Seven Days to Sexy.


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