Bella FX Neck

Dr. Anna Guanche has developed the Bella FX protocol to tighten the neck and jawline.  This procedure harnesses radiofrequency microneedling technology with specific settings and treatment targets that will tighten the skin on the neck and jawline.

Bella FX Face

Firmer facial skin and reduced pores are yours!  This procedure rejuvenates the skin, stimulates collagen and improves skin tone with minimal to no downtime.  Great for rosacea, telangiectasia, acne scarring and unwanted pigmentation.

Bella FX Body

Tighten crepey skin on the décolletage, hands, arms, knees, and abdomen with this remarkable procedure.  Minimal to no downtime.

Bella FX Eyes

Reduce crepey skin around the eyes effectively, with minimal to no downtime.


FDA approved in the US, this radiofrequency microneedling device is now available to you!  It has been approved in Korea, United Arab Emirates, and other countries for a number of years. Dr. Guanche was approached by the inventor to produce before and after photos and therefore has first-hand experience with the device in the US.

During the course of this endeavor, she developed a treatment algorithm, Bella FX, that allows for maximal tightening of the skin on the jawline, neck, and face. The procedure is safe, with minimal to no downtime.  Mild redness that varies depending on skin type can be covered with makeup within one hour if desired.  Because of the way energy is delivered, there is less pain than some tightening devices on the market.  Collagen, when coagulated, immediately contracts.  It shows some firming and improvement, then sends signals to your body that collagen remodeling is necessary.  This technology is patented in the US and 70 other countries.

Topical anesthetic applied for 15- 25 minutes prior to the procedure is the only anesthesia recommended.  Pre and post-procedure skin care recommendations only enhance the results and make them last longer.  A single treatment is estimated to last 10-12 months, but for increased tightening and longer lasting effects, a series of three treatments, one month apart is ideal.

The device is color-blind: effective and safe for all skin types.  It even improves symptoms of rosacea, although individuals with that skin type may experience more redness that lasts 2-3 days after the procedure.  The Bella FX treatment protocol includes treatments in the scalp area in order to effect a scalp-lift for more youth-enhancing results.  Scalp area treatments do not affect hair growth adversely, and in fact, may possibly stimulate the follicles.

The results are remarkable and the patients are thrilled!  They notice firming of the skin just after treatment in most cases, as well as some redness that lasts one day.  Over time their results improve.  They have enjoyed a firmer jawline, decreased pore size, decreased telangiectasia (broken blood vessels) and reduced pigmentation.  Friends of treated individuals have come into our office to discover more information about this procedure, and have opted to have the treatment done.  It’s that good.  I believe this may be the next big thing in youth enhancement devices.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”   --Arthur C Clarke

In The Media

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