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Sexy Secrets of the Red Carpet Revealed! Have you ever wondered how celebrities look so stunning and ageless on the red carpet? Wouldn’t you love to know their beauty secrets? Seven Days to Sexy is a revolutionary approach to looking your absolute best. Dr. Anna Guanche, one of America’s top dermatologists and known in Hollywood as Dr. Beauty, has blended the latest in cutting-edge medical science on skin, hair, and nails, with her insider’s knowledge of fashion, cosmetics, psychology, and style. The result is a proven one-week make-over that will have you looking epic! And that’s the reason Dr. Guanche is the world’s go-to glamour specialist for A-List celebrities, actors, supermodels, socialites, and CEOs. You’ve seen Dr. Guanche on TV and in major magazines. You may have visited her at her world-famous clinic, California’s Bella Skin Institute. Now in Seven Days to Sexy, Dr. Guanche reveals everything you’ll need (all the secrets, tips, and tricks) for a super-fast transformation into the sexiest, most gorgeous person you always wanted —and deserve— to be!

“For years Dr. Anna has been our family’s go-to for all of our skin-care concerns. She keeps us looking good and feeling great!” —Rebecca Romijn, actress, model

“This is the beauty bible! Dr. Anna explores the science behind beauty and also provides real world tips that women can use to look and feel their best!”— Alyssa Milano, actress

“Dr. Anna has been my dermatologist in Calabasas for the past five years. She’s the best ever!”— Olivia Culpo, model, actress, MIss Universe

Dr. Anna Guanche has been voted Los Angeles Magazine’s “Super Doctor” by her peers for seven consecutive years. She is a Fellow of the American Board of Dermatology, a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, and American Medical Association. Dr. Guanche’s expertise has been showcased on the Emmy-winning daytime show The Doctors, Extra, and Entertainment Tonight, as well as in ELLE, Glamour, Prevention, Shape, SELF, InStyle, Yahoo!, and HuffPost. She is the founder of California’s Bella Skin Institute.



Seven days to sexy is a guide for any woman to look her absolute best in seven days.  Whether she is getting ready for a date, a high school reunion, or is the mother of the bride, this book is full of beauty advice that can unleash her most gorgeous self.  Dr. Anna Guanche, AKA Dr. Beauty is a board-certified dermatologist who has been in practice for 15 years.  Her clients include celebrities, supermodels, socialites, and CEOs who need to look their best at appearances.  She knows, however, that these women are mere mortals as well, and do a serious bit of preparation in order to walk the red carpet or perform a television interview. In fact, many of Dr. Guanche’s patients are celebrity stylists, makeup artists and hairdressers who make the magic happen.  Having been a visitor on the red carpet numerous times herself, Dr. Guanche has learned the behind-the-scenes of looking epic for an event, from procedures to outfits to makeup and hair.  Why shouldn’t everyone have access to these tips and tricks so that they can look their absolute best when they want to?  Dr. Guanche brings high, middle and low-cost tips to readers in her book, Seven Days to Sexy.  


Dr. Anna Guanche has developed a novel injectable filler technique for lifting the lower face and neck. Strategically placed off-face fille redistributes the skin of the lower face (jowls) and or the skin of the neck upwards. The lift has no down-time and because most of the injections are behind the hairline, no changes are noted in facial features, other than lifting. This results in a natural-looking, lifted appearance to the facial skin with no down-time. Dr. Guanche pioneered the GuancheLift technique and teaches it to fellow board-certified dermatologists in scientific sessions. She has been featured on Entertainment Tonight and KTLA News doing the procedure.

GG Global Glow-Up

The “GG” is a Global Glow-Up.

A skin perfecting procedure that is second to none! Experience the smoothest, most beautiful skin you've ever seen in the mirror. It's like a real-life beauty filter. The name, GG, short for Global Glow-up was inspired by the fact that this set of 5 or more skin-rejuvenating procedures are derived from all over the world!

Germany: Jessner’s Peel. First the skin is cleansed and defatted with a topical agent, to prepare for a Jessner’s Peel. The namesake peel, developed by Dr. Max Jessner, a German dermatologist, is composed of resorcinol, lactic acid and salicylic acid. It is a very mild, even peel that is a popular standalone procedure that leaves the skin glowy and smooth, with reduced pigmentation.

USA: Microneedling. Shallow (in this case) microneedling, developed by Dr. Desmond Fernandes, is popular for many reasons. First, it stimulates collagen. When delivered with a device such as the Eclipse or Dermapen systems the results are smooth, even coverage. Small channels resulting in the skin immediately after the procedure make the stratum corneum, or hard outer layer of the skin, more permeable. This allows active ingredients to be delivered through the skin’s surface, where increased effectiveness can be expected.

Japan or France: Smears. Here is where the active ingredients come in. A smear has a generally negative connotation except in the skin world. Smearing refers to the application of active ingredients to the skin after microneedling. Platelet rich plasma is one such ingredient. In the GG we either smear Tranexamic acid to reduce pigmentation, or another proprietary formula to stimulate collagen. And yes, you guessed it: TXA for melasma was popularized in Japan, while the collagen stimulant was patented in France. This step of the GG is tailored to the patient’s needs.

Calabasas: Bella Microgold (please link this back to the Bella Microgold section). A small sterile vial with shallow microneedles capable of delivering product to the surface layers of the skin is loaded with our favorites: injectable hyaluronic acid and neuromodulators (Juvederm® and Botox® for example) as well as another ingredient that aids with effective delivery. This is also a standalone procedure that results in smooth skin—and is already very popular at Bella Skin Institute. When applied after the above procedures it is even more effective, reaching the target depth more easily when the skin has already been “opened.”

Japan: GG Finishing Mask. This soothing mask is the perfect wrap-up for the series. Originally from Japan but adapted for our practice, this mask soothes, hydrates and revitalizes the skin. Again, it is a popular standalone procedure but when applied just after Bella Microgold is soothes the skin and seals the active ingredients in for maximal effectiveness. Patients love the feeling of this mask and always leave satisfied.

The GG incorporates beauty secrets from all over the globe to provide the optimal skin-perfecting results. The effects last 2 to 6 months and are noticeable! Many of our patients report receiving numerous comments and questions: “What have you done to your skin? I’ll have what you’re having!” Innovations in dermatology have always included various combinations. For skin smoothing, the GG is currently our gold standard.

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You eat well, you exercise regularly - and, your body shows it. You're in good shape, and you're proud of it; after all, you've worked hard to get here. But despite knowing that you're healthy, there are a few fitness goals you just can't seem to reach. Your abs, for you, seem completely resistant to showing definition, let alone solidifying into a six-pack. And your buttocks are stubbornly flat despite regular squats. You're ready to do something about it - but what?

You might be an ideal candidate for EMSCULPT, the first non-invasive body contouring treatment that can burn fat and build muscle. It's FDA-cleared to:

  • Improve abdominal muscle definition
  • Reduce stubborn belly fat
  • Strengthen gluteus muscles
  • Lift and firm the buttocks

EMSCULPT makes its debut as the only non-invasive aesthetic treatment for building muscle. This non-surgical treatment requires no downtime and is FDA cleared for the abs and buttocks. You’ll look and feel like you’ve been working out, but you won’t need to rely on the effort and guesswork of exercise routines to get the body you’ve always wanted!

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Bella FX™ with Scarlet SRF™


FDA approved in the US, this radiofrequency microneedling device is now available to you!  It has been approved in Korea, United Arab Emirates, and other countries for a number of years.

Dr. Anna Guanche has developed the Bella FX protocol to tighten the neck and jawline.  This procedure harnesses radiofrequency microneedling technology with specific settings and treatment targets that will tighten the skin on the neck and jawline.

Firmer facial skin and reduced pores are yours!  This procedure rejuvenates the skin, stimulates collagen and improves skin tone with minimal to no downtime.  Great for rosacea, telangiectasia, acne scarring and unwanted pigmentation.

Tighten crepey skin on the décolletage, hands, arms, knees, and abdomen with this remarkable procedure.  Minimal to no downtime.

Reduce crepey skin around the eyes effectively, with minimal to no downtime.

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InstaLiftSilhouette InstaLift™ is a simple procedure to re-contour your face, lifting the deeper layers of your skin for a more youthful appearance.

Dr Guanche will discuss whether this technique is suitable for you and will create a treatment plan to ensure you achieve the results you desire. During the procedure the physician will use sutures with bidirectional cones to reposition and elevate the skin on your face. The in-office procedure typically takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. You will see immediate results and have minimal recovery time after the procedure.

Over time the sutures will naturally be absorbed by your body while stimulating production of collagen.

Dr Anna Guanche was voted Super Doctor 2017 by Los Angeles Magazine for the 5th year in a row.

Dr. Anna Guanche voted Los Angeles Magazine Super Doctor 2016. She has earned this distinction four years consecutively.

We now have the latest version of Thermage that is less painful and more effective

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