Body Contouring


You eat well, you exercise regularly - and, your body shows it. You're in good shape, and you're proud of it; after all, you've worked hard to get here. But despite knowing that you're healthy, there are a few fitness goals you just can't seem to reach. Your abs, for you, seem completely resistant to showing definition, let alone solidifying into a six-pack. And your buttocks are stubbornly flat despite regular squats. You're ready to do something about it - but what?

You might be an ideal candidate for EMSCULPT, the first non-invasive body contouring treatment that can burn fat and build muscle. It's FDA-cleared to:

  • Improve abdominal muscle definition
  • Reduce stubborn belly fat
  • Strengthen gluteus muscles
  • Lift and firm the buttocks

EMSCULPT makes its debut as the only non-invasive aesthetic treatment for building muscle. This non-surgical treatment requires no downtime and is FDA cleared for the abs and buttocks. You’ll look and feel like you’ve been working out, but you won’t need to rely on the effort and guesswork of exercise routines to get the body you’ve always wanted!

How Emsculpt works!